Monday, September 24, 2012

Prayer Flag Swap

I received some beautiful prayer flags this weekend. I participated in Lenna Young Andrews' swap on her Creative Swaps blog. I was so excited to see the gorgeous work that was created by the other participants.

This first one was created by Julie Oman from Just Tickety-Boo.
I love the colorful fabrics and there are some really pretty decorative sewing stitches on it but that detail is hard to see in the sunlight.

The second flag is from Jan Smith at Jan's Arty Junk.
The fabric flowers are so cute and I love the way she made the stems with lace!

The third flag is from Gretchen Peacock at Amanda's Baskets.
She used such pretty fabrics and I love the way she arranged them!

I hung the flags up with some lace out in the garden by the driveway. They look so pretty! The day was perfect with lovely sunshine and a soft breeze to spread the wishes and prayers out into my neighborhood.

Thank you Jewels, Jan and Gretchen for making such beautiful flags! I am so happy to have them!
Thanks again, Lenna, for having this fun, creative swap!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

September Collage Challenge

Time for the September Collage Challenge hosted by Mary Green at Greenpaper.

For Mary's challenges, you must use at least a part of each of the three images that Mary provides.

I glued a bunch of scraps from my art table to a piece of water color paper. It is a good way to clean up and I don't have to feel bad throwing pretty paper bits away.

I put gesso over that to dull the colors. At the bottom I put the scraps on in a different direction so they could become part of the street along with the dairy coupon. I put gesso on top of that too but had to wash it off fast because it covered it up too much. I watered it down and added a little walnut stain so it would contrast with the rest of the background. 

I used the flower petals from the calendar page as the rain drops and used bits of the golden-rod as a border. I felt like it needed something else so I ripped a piece of the calendar and added a flower to the corner.

I'm happy with the way it turned out! Please look here to see what the other participants made with the same images. They are very creative!

Thanks for the challenge, Mary!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prayer Flags

This is my first time joining in on one of Lenna Young Andrew's Creative Swaps. This swap involves making three prayer flags. I was really excited to join in!

 According to Wikipedia, "A prayer flag is a colorful panel of rectangular cloth, often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas. They are used to bless the surrounding countryside and for other purposes." You can read more about it here.

We were to make three flags that measure 5 by 8 inches and they should include a word, a prayer, a wish or a hope associated with it.

Here is my first one!
I dug into my stash of fabrics and trims and put these together.
I always buy vintage sewing items when I go treasure hunting and one week came home with a can of little pieces of trims and lace. The top of this is an old collar. I clipped apart the sequin trim to make separate flowers and embroidered some stems. The green and white bottom piece was in the can too. I wonder what it used to belong to! It fit perfectly on my flag. I added a button and the word "Grow" and had my first flag.

For the next two I used parts of vintage handkerchiefs.
The base of this flag is an old child or doll pillowcase. It already had the white lace attached to it.
I took the colored crocheted lace from the edge of one handkerchief and the butterfly came off the corner of another one.
I also added some beads and a pretty button.

This next one used two handkerchiefs. 

I cut two sides off of one and gathered them to make ruffles and the center became the center of the flag.
A second handkerchief was used to make a top flap. I used the rest of its blue trim to add to the sides of the flag and to trim the top of the ruffles.

I actually made four flags so Lenna could have one as a thank you for hosting the swap.
Lenna, choose whichever you like!!

I wanted to use some of my vintage lace stash for one so I made a flag using several different pieces.

I  started playing with the pieces and ended up creating something that looked like an article of clothing. The collar pieces came from that can I was telling you about. I got so much joy out of that $1 can!

I added a sheer layer over my base fabric and then added more trims. I also made two little pockets and put a surprise inside.
I used the word "treasure" here because of how I feel about the old beautiful things that can still be rescued and appreciated. I have also been doing a lot of genealogy research and am so fascinated by old photos. I long to have photos of my ancestors that I don't have. Other people just get rid of them. So these two cuties are going with my old lace to remind people to treasure the past and the beautiful things that have managed to exist long past the time their owners loved them.
I had a great time working on these. Thank you, Lenna for having this swap and I hope to participate in more!