Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Collage Challenge

The beginning of every month brings Mary Green's Greenpaper collage challenge. Mary provides three beautiful images and you have to make something using at least a part of each image. I was stumped for a few days because I like to have a character in my collage so I searched and found this cute cowgirl on The Graphics Fairy.

Janie was getting to be quite the super model. She was thrilled when she was asked to be on the November cover of Vegetarian Times.  She had just come from another photo shoot for the Girls Packing Pistols magazine so she was still wearing her holster. The stylist decided to use it and fill it with root vegetables. 

The L'Oreal Paris hair and Makeup team added the cabbage and baby carrots to her head and some natural looking makeup and she was ready for her photo shoot. 

This beauty is going to sell a lot of copies!

Thanks for the fun challenge, Mary!