Friday, February 22, 2013

H for Housekeeper

 "H" is the current letter in the Alpha Challenge hosted by The Craft Barn. I read all the "H" words twice before I saw "Housekeeper" and thought of my stash of Good Housekeeping magazines from the 50s.

They have the best advertisements in those magazines! I left the bottom of this first ad in tact and cut around the top and glued her in my dictionary. That was after some gesso and yellow acrylic paint. Then I added lots of bubbles or "suds" to help her promote her product.

This lovely housekeeper was part of a starch advertisement but I sat her on a new and improved General Electric iron instead.

She is probably a definition #2 kind of housekeeper.

I showed this to my mother and she said she liked to wear house dresses in the 50s but she said she never looked like that!

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Have fun creating!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Alpha Challenge Letter E

I'm working on the Alpha Challenge at The Craft Barn. The challenge is to alter an old dictionary one letter at a time but it does not go in alphabetical order. The current challenge is the letter "E".  I chose the word "Embroider."
It was a good idea in my mind but it was harder to do than I thought it would be. I had to limit myself to the running stitch so I wouldn't tear the paper. I did a little stem stitch too but then decided to keep it simple. The flower is my go-to doodle.
It needed more color so I added some chalk. Oh, I did double the page so it would be harder to tear.
Then I put a little ink on the page edges and a running stitch around the border.
I won't be doing any more stitching in this book but I am glad I tried it and completed it without tearing the page.  There are lots of beautiful creations with the letter "E" so check them out here.

Have a great weekend!