Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stitch Sampler

I finally finished it!!  This is my stitch sampler from Rebecca Ringquist.

It took me two years but at least I finished. Well, it didn't actually take two years. I'm bad about starting things and then before I am finished I get excited about working on something else, which creates piles of unfinished projects. I'm sure I'm the only one who does that! Right!

The fabric on the border is Soiree from Moda. I bought this charm pack several years ago and when I started the sampler I picked my embroidery floss to match the fabric.
I do have a couple other projects that are several years old and I am determined to finish them.  Then I'm going to stop doing that and work on one thing at a time until I finish.
Right! Like that's going to happen!!

Check out Rebecca's Etsy store, Dropcloth, for lots of pretty samplers.
Have a great week!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cut & Paste

"Why?" says the man wearing the peppermint souffle on his head.

I saw this cute "Cut & Paste" sign on Mary Ann Moss's blog Dispatch From LA. I had to have it since I love to cut and paste. The background is just a bunch of pretty papers from Mary Green's classes that I had leftover.This fabulous girl came from an old Good Housekeeping magazine. I also got some old French magazines recently and that is where the guy came from. I added the word on his sweater since he is the victim of a crazy cut and paste lady.
I bought these old magazines thinking I would sell them in my Etsy store since I know so many people love collage but I couldn't stop myself from cutting them up for my own collages. The ads and the models from the 1950s are so great! And the fashion...!!!  Oh, I love vintage fashion!!!!!

 I found these two bathing beauties in the Good Housekeeping mag and knew they needed their own journal spread. This pretty chevron paper was also made by Mary Ann Moss.
This was my second attempt at this collage. I painted a background first but it looked horrible so I started over. I also used some rub-ons which was really fun. I found them for 50 cents and had to try them. I don't love this collage as much as the first one but it was fun to work on anyway.

I'm looking forward to more cutting and pasting!!

Have a creative week!!!