Saturday, February 25, 2012

Junk Drunk

I heard the American Pickers use the term "Junk Drunk" recently and I loved it because that really fits me on Saturday mornings. Can't wait to go to the estate sales!  I went to four this morning and had to go back after 1:00 to one of them to get the half price stuff. I always drool over the treasures Laurie and Kathy find at the sales so I thought I would share some things I found this week.
I got this adorable crib blanket, sweet baby shoes and some really cute baby fabric. Actually the fabric looks like a duvet if there is such a thing for babies.

It is funny how we all have a different sense of what is valuable and what isn't. I thought this little date book was the best thing ever so was surprised to get it for $1. The owner, named Laura, wrote something on every single day of 1912. Towards the beginning she kept track of how many eggs her chickens were laying.
On Wed. of that week she noted that, "Mrs. Taylor came down on a sled."  I haven't read much of it yet but I looked at Christmas day and she noted that they went to church in a sleigh. I love that! So worth a dollar!!!

I got this next big sewing box for $2. The shoe pincushion wasn't in the box but I bought that too.
Lots of goodies on that top tray and there is lots of stuff under the tray too. I also bought another sewing box that wasn't as great as this one but I couldn't say no.

Next is this adorable old jewelry box that screamed at me to buy it.

 Oh my gosh, it was so funny. The box had a price tag on it that was way too high. After I saw what was in it, I put it back on the table and said under my breath, "So cute." A man near me said, "Did you just say I was cute?" I started laughing and then he said, "You're cute!" I was pretty red by then and just said, "You're funny!" Then I hid. See, I just roll out of bed on Saturdays and go to these things without makeup or showering. I think next week I'll get up earlier and put some makeup on. :)

Oh, right, you want to see what was in the box? I drove back at 1:00 to get it half price which was probably still too much but sometimes there is no listening to my own reason.

It was filled with these Angel baby paper dolls from 1942. There are also a couple pieces from the Betty Grabel paper doll but sadly no Betty Grabel.

Fun day!! Tomorrow morning I'm off to a rummage sale at a fire hall. Never know!  It could be good!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Downton Abbey Paper Dolls

I just found these in an Etsy link on Facebook. Downton Abbey Paper Dolls!

How cute are they??? They include Mary and Matthew.

Thomas and O'Brien-  Check out the evil facial hair.

Dowager Countess

Look how all her facial expressions are the same except for one.

There is also one for Sybil.

She is a bit too modern in that tee shirt and shorts.

 I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet but I'm sure they will make a great collage. Here is the link again for Vulture. You know you want these too!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Block of the Month

My sister told me about a free class at Craftsy that teaches you how to make different quilt squares every month. The Craftsy Block of the Month started at the beginning of January and the teacher, Amy Gibson, taught us how to make these two squares.

You can use a bunch of fat quarters and you are supposed to have a large piece of background fabric that is used in each square. I had the fat quarters but I didn't have background fabric so I decided to make my background different for each square. I watched the videos when the class started but since I was undecided on which fabric to use I didn't get started until the February videos came out.  I  just finished my February blocks so decided to show you all four.

They are a bit loud since I didn't follow directions regarding the background fabric but I like them anyway. Two squares will be taught each month and at the end of the year they will all be put together into a quilt.  You have plenty of time to catch up because these were very easy to do. Just go to Craftsy's online classes and look through the quilting classes and you will find it.

I hope you are having a creative week!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Collage Challenge

Time for another collage challenge from Mary Green at Greenpaper. The challenge is to create something using at least a part of each beautiful image that she provides.

Maggie is more than a little disheartened after receiving another silly Valentine gift from William. She is having a talk with Cupid and she tells him to suggest a ring next year or else she is going to marry the weird, cross-eyed guy down the street who at least sends her flowers.

In case you can't find my third piece, it is the little word "love" in Cupid's upper hand.
Check out the other entries here. It is always fun to see what everyone else does with the same images.

Thanks, Mary, for the great images and another fun challenge!