Saturday, January 26, 2013

For Love of "Cake"

I've had a hard time getting started creatively this year. I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on besides sewing. I signed up for two Block of the Month classes. Like I needed two! I am also taking some Craftsy classes to get me back into making clothes. But I needed something related to paper. I love cutting and gluing too much !  I stumbled upon this Alpha Challenge at The Craft Barn and I knew right away it would be fun for me to work on this year.

We're making an altered dictionary and I had the perfect tattered dictionary for the project. Since it is already a wreck I don't mind working in it.
Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted. They started with the letter "V" but I came in late so I started with last week's letter, "C." They are not going in alphabetical order so you can't go ahead of everyone.

I looked through the Cs and saw the word "cake" which is my favorite food so it was the perfect place to start.

I gessoed over the page but left the "cake" definition uncovered. It is split between the two columns. I covered that with some thin acrylic paint and then cut out some vintage pictures of cake. The woman is also from a vintage magazine.

I also added some little pieces of the index from an old cookbook where all the cakes were listed.

Don't you feel like having a slice now?  Great! I'll join you!

Here is the letter "C" challenge  if you would like to join in or to see what everyone else created. Don't worry if you don't have a dictionary you can alter. There are other ways to do the Alpha Challenge.

Now I need to do the letter "V" so I'll be caught up with everyone.