Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine Bulletin Board

I planned on crafting all weekend but it's almost over and I haven't accomplished much although I did manage to organize my work space a bit so I have room to actually work. Last week I created a bulletin board for my 6th grade classroom. Since Valentine's Day is approaching I needed some decorations. I saw a project on the Stampington & Company website and I made it fit my needs. I cut out hearts from scrapbook paper and stitched two together. Before completely closing them I put a bit of fiberfill in them. 
Target had these packs of pretty scrapbook paper that contained eight sheets for only $1. What a deal! The original project I saw used sheet music and vintage Valentines. After filling all the hearts I glued a picture of the kids on the top. Then I attached a tulle ribbon and I hung them at various lengths. The top of the board needed something fluffy. I saw so many cute things made from coffee filters at Christmas so I decided to give that a try. I folded them up, stapled them to the board and fluffed them up. I pulled some of the ribbon ends through to pull in some color. Here is the final product.


  1. The bulletin board turned out great!! I love the fluff you added!

  2. Very nice! And thanks for getting my granddaughter through 6th grade!!!