Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bulletin Board

I completed my Easter bulletin board for my classroom. I enjoy doing these projects but they take about two weeks to do. I had the idea months ago and my students really got into it. First I photographed them doing what they thought they might do if they were hatching from an egg. Then I cut out the pictures.
Then I laid the picture on top of some colored card stock I purchased at Michaels. I then traced them to get the general outline of their shirt.

Then I would cut the neckline a little bit at a time and try it on top of the photo. I'm not saying that part is easy. It takes some patience and trial and error.  Then once I was happy with the shape I used colored pencils to draw some details. I looked at the shirt they were wearing and followed that to color on the folds of the shirt. Here is an example from another student's shirt.
Sometimes I needed to cut along the arms and hands that were on top of the shirt to trace the shirt. Here I cut across the line of her bracelet to avoid cutting around her hand on her leg. Notice I also had to cut around her hair to make it lay on top of the new shirt.

Next I cut their shoes off and made a pattern from them. I drew on some laces.
I glued the shirt on top of the photo and then I glued the photo down on white cardstock which was framed by the same colored cardstock I used for their clothes. I almost forgot to mention, the kids colored their own egg that they hatched from and then I tried to coordinate their clothes to go with their egg.
This was a fun project and the kids enjoyed being a part of its creation.


  1. AWESOME! They look great! It looks like the kids really got into creating their eggs! I love their faces!

  2. Sue, you are amazing! I love these!