Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria

I decided to work in my altered book again. I started this project when I took my Artful Pages class.  I wasn't crazy about some of the first things I did in this book so I've been avoiding it but I decided to try again. I gessoed and water colored the background. I dabbed the paint on and closed the pages, smooshed them together and then opened it to dry. Why is that so entertaining? Then I added some boats that a brilliant seven year old made. Ok, I made them...forty-two years ago (that was painful).  I found this page that I created in 1969. My mother saved EVERYTHING! That's her handwriting in the corner and it says "SUE 1969".  I'm guessing the assignment was to draw Christopher Columbus's ships. That's the idea I get anyway. The page was falling apart so I cut out the boats and added them to my book. I found the little girl and the bird and fish on The Graphics Fairy. I'll have to hunt through the rest of my antique art and see what else I can find!

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  1. Susan your pages are wonderful, it's a nice and sweet idea to use a drawing from your childhood, love it.