Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Stuff

I made an ornament for a friend and it was so fun to make so I thought I would share it.
The pocket watch is from Tim Holtz.
I got the background image from The Graphics Fairy. It is this beautiful image of reindeer which I also have on my computer as wallpaper this month. 
I put some glitter on the ends of the branches and put it in the back of the watch. Then I glued this adorable deer that I found at an estate sale onto the back and also put some cotton batting and snow glitter at his feet.
Then I put the watch together.
I picked out a shiney button and some trim and put them all together as an ornament.

I also made this card for my mother.

You can find this image of the squirrel on The Graphics Fairy right here. The bow and words are here. This is kind of a joke for her because she gets very mad at squirrels because they chew on her house. I wanted her to see their softer side.
 Tee hee!

I hope you are having lots of fun with your Christmas crafting!

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  1. That is so pretty! I have one of those too, and just got lost as too what to do with it, but this helps!