Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best Treasure Yet

I went on my usual Saturday morning treasure hunt but there was nothing usual about today. I found the best treasure I've found in years!
No, it wasn't this photo album from the 1920s and 30s...
or the great photos inside.

It wasn't these darling old baby clothes that I never can resist...

or this sweet baby photo.

It's not this adorable Princess sewing box with the cutest poodle on top or even the rhinestone buttons I found inside (my favorite).

No, it's not even this amazing full doll trunk or the price tag that said, "$5 All"

But wait...look inside!
Is that what I think it is??
No, not the handkerchief! Look closer!

Don't let those vintage Barbie clothes blind you! Closer!

It's Mr. Mouse! From Mr. and Mrs. Mouse House 1967, my favorite childhood toy!

I have never seen one for sale other than on eBay and he and his wife and house can go for hundreds of dollars, too much for me. And he still has his tail!! I looked all around to make sure the house and wife weren't nearby then I carefully tucked him back in, shut the trunk and ran to pay for it. Perfectly reasonable behavior for a 50 year old woman! Please don't judge!

Have I gone too far?


  1. Susan you are too funny (glad you covered his unmentionables before displaying)- child hood memories make us do some pretty sad things LOL. What a great haul for you (I LOVE the photo album)...J

  2. Awesome Sue! You might find the mouse house yet!

  3. Dear Susan, you have found so many really great treasures, the doll trunk with all the doll cloths is wonderful and so are Mr. Mouse, good for you that you found him, I also love thing from my child hood. Wish you a lovely day my friend.
    Hugs Anni

  4. What a haul! You must have felt like the cat that swallowed cream... or a mouse!

  5. You crack me up! I understand, totally, how you feel about Mr. Mouse!