Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting my Creative Groove Back

Gosh, I went out of town for one week and since I got back I have had a hard time getting back into my creating. I still have some catching up to do from the end of my Artful Pages class and this week have been working on a new Collage Club assignment.  This one was about doing some layered backgrounds with vintage colors and patterns. While I was visiting my family in Pittsburgh I dug through more of my parent's old pictures. I have been using my digital camera to take photos of the photos so I could use them right away on my family tree on I'm enjoying using them in my collages too. This first one is using photos of my Great Aunt Genevieve. She was born in 1909 and later became a nurse in the army, serving during WWII .
Her parents were Frank and Rose Norwood and I added them to the next layered background. 
Before I went away I was working on an altered book. This was from a section of the Artful Pages class taught by Lenna Young Andrews. I bought this cute book from a thrift shop.
Next I cut out many of the pages so I would have room to add stuff.

Then I made some fun backgounds by painting them or gluing other paper on them. I don't really like my painted pages but I really like two of the pages I did with paper backgrounds. This first one was made by using strips I tore from the inside of security envelopes. You'd be surprised how many lovely patterns are inside those darn bills. At least they are good for something. Teehee! I added a picture of the house I grew up in and where my mom still lives. It looks much different now. I also love that song by Miranda Lambert "The House That Built Me."  I get a lump in my throat every time I hear it.

The other one I like was made by scanning a dress that my grandmother made and then printing it to make a pretty patterned paper. Of course I added pics of my grandmother and grandfather on top. I actually found a picture of her wearing the dress after I made this. That was cool to find. The quality of the picture isn't very good so I am not adding that.

Lots more projects to work on so I better get my groove back!

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  1. Beautiful book cover on the altered book you are making and your pages are beautifully made.