Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whoo Whoo

Check out these adorable owls! Some of my sewing students made these cuties. I got the pattern from The DIY Dish and my girls had a blast making them.
Still loving my Artful Pages class! It is week 3 of 4 and this week I am learning how to make an altered book from Lenna Young Andrews. I'll show some of that soon but here is another page from my journal from week 2 with Hope Wallace Karney. It has places for hiding secrets. There is a pocket on the left and the little page in the middle is hiding secrets behind it. Don't you wish you read them?  Ha! This was fun to make!


  1. I love the owls! They turned out really cute!Were the kids happy with their finished product?

    Oh, the artful pages are so great! So creative. Looked like you had fun making the pages!

  2. WOW! Susan may I take classes with you?
    I'd love to get some "creative time"!
    You should post a picture of the quilt you made for Brandyn as well!