Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bathing Beauties

Are you heading to the beach for the Memorial Day weekend? Make sure you cover up! This is how I would be dressed if I were going to the beach:
I'm not much of a beachgoer myself.  I live very close the the Gulf of Mexico but rarely see it. I'm so fair skinned but maybe if it was fashionable to dress like this now I would do it more often.
I found these adorable Mack Sennett postcards at an antique mall and wanted to show them off. Mack Sennet made slapstick films in the early 20th century and many of his films featured these Sennet Bathing Beauties.

I bought a great picture frame at Target a couple years ago that is two layers of glass and you can frame anything you want in it. I just love it. I decided to display my Sennett Bathing Beauties in it. I carefully measured and laid them on the first glass piece. Then I put the back piece of glass on hoping it didn't make the postcards move out of place.
Now I have a cute piece of art to hang. I have to decorate those boring apartment walls afterall. I wish I had some big cabbage rose covered wallpaper on those walls instead. Someday!

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  1. Brilliant photos, great fun. I'm from the cover it up school of bathing too (I only wish more people were!).

    Enjoy your long weekend,