Sunday, May 15, 2011

Round To-its

My parents are very creative people and all us kids are too in one way or another. My father always had a million projects going on in his garage and workshop.  He always had some imperfect antiques that he was going to make nicer by refinishing or re-purposing. (Is that a word?) One time a long time ago I asked him about a pile of interesting but unidentifiable items. I asked him what they were and he told me they were Round To-its. Of course I then asked "What is a Round to-it?" He told me they were things he was going to make when he got around to it.  Oh! I definitely learned from him how to collect round to-its. I have a couple projects that keep getting put off so I thought I would show them to you. Maybe it will light a fire under my... I mean hopefully I will get them done soon since I am showing them to you.  First are these adorable chairs. I have two of them.
 I've had these for years and never finished them. I stripped the old ugly paint off of them and they had some ugly wood nailed over the seat. I took a class to learn how to cane chairs just for these. Unfortunately, I wove the cane too tightly and it broke the wood. I gave up on the caning idea but then didn't know how to cover the seats. I asked a friend who does woodwork and he cut out some new wood seats for me but that is all the further I got. I have always seen them in my mind with a soft buttery yellow color and some pretty fabric cushions. My next round to-it is a lamp that used to be covered with lace and fringe. It was old looking and I was tired of it so I ripped it off and almost threw away the whole thing. I'm glad I didn't but now I need a new covering.
I would love to order some new fabric but I think I will try to find something in my stash to cover it with. I just bought a car and am afraid to spend any money until I get used to having a car payment again. So hopefully you will see these again but not looking like round to-its anymore. Do you have any round to-its?

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