Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Playing

I haven't had much creating time in the last few weeks due to unpacking and stuff. I did manage finally to carve out a little creating space in the center of the garage. Not quite the shabby chic studio of my dreams (just shabby, so far) but it is a space to work and where I don't have to clean up every time I work on something. Sometimes I start a collage and have to walk away and think about what I am going to do next with it and I like that I can just walk up to it and start again without having to pull out everything.
This collage is a real mix of things. A little bit of background from Mary's Collage Club , a free download from Hope Wallace Karney and some pictures from magazines. I made her skirt from a stack of sweaters in a J. Crew catalog.

I also played with my fashion magazines in a journal I started last year.

Yesterday I stopped at an estate sale and found this scrapbook.
I paid more than I wanted to but I couldn't leave it there. It is filled with plans for someone's dream house. There are papers inside from the 40s, 50s and early 60s. The creator cut out pictures and glued them in her scrapbook.

She even picked out her choices for a vanity.
Most of the book has unfinished pages and there is an unglued stack of floor plans inside.
There are some really cute advertisements in it too.
This next one is hilarious!
I love that this woman made a book to keep her house dreams in. I wonder what her name was. I couldn't put the book down once I saw it and I really tried to talk myself out of it but I couldn't. I want to work in her scrapbook and continue to glue the pictures that were tucked in the book.

Also, Mary Green is hosting a Vintage Gluebook Page Swap.  Check it out and join in. I can't wait to work on it!


  1. This is a real find. It such a good thing that someone who will really treasure and respect the book has found it now. Wonderful!

  2. Love the skirt on your your corsetted shopper! Very clever!

  3. I love how you mixed all the different papers for the first layout! And that scrapbook is an incredible find! I would have paid too much for that too!