Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Old Bear

                  I haven't completed any projects this week so I thought I'd show you an old one.

I made this bear for my mother quite a few years ago and I just noticed it again recently. The quilt is something that she and my grandmother made together many, many years ago.
At some point in time it became the dog bed.??? How does a beautiful quilt get chosen as the dog bed? Maybe it was ruined by something else before that.  I got my hands on it long after the dogs enjoyed it and decided to make something from the not too horribly ruined sections of the quilt. I found a pattern for a bear and carefully cut out matching flowers to make his tummy.

Then I found two more for his back. For the rest I just used the white quilted parts that had no flowers on them.
Then I embroidered around every seam using different stitches.
Do you ever look at something you made in the past and wonder how you ever had the patience to take that project on? That is what I wonder about this one. I'm so glad that I did take the time to make him.


  1. Love how you added your initials on his foot- what a cute project and neat stitching!

  2. Good save! What a special quilt. Not only is it by family, it's really unique with the crochet flowers.

  3. This is so sweet with all the red stitching. A truly one of a kind that you would not make for just anyone!