Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Collage Challenge

Time for another collage challenge from Mary Green at Greenpaper. The challenge is to create something using at least a part of each beautiful image that she provides.

Maggie is more than a little disheartened after receiving another silly Valentine gift from William. She is having a talk with Cupid and she tells him to suggest a ring next year or else she is going to marry the weird, cross-eyed guy down the street who at least sends her flowers.

In case you can't find my third piece, it is the little word "love" in Cupid's upper hand.
Check out the other entries here. It is always fun to see what everyone else does with the same images.

Thanks, Mary, for the great images and another fun challenge!


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  2. Hi, I like the way the bear "just fits" under her arm. Very cute. (I deleted my other comment because of too many typos!)

  3. Hi Susan,
    A cute "Valentine-y" take on the challenge! The bear is wonderful, as is your story...poor Maggie!


    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment!

  4. i love this! That vintage teddy surely makes this special. Isn't it fun using these nifty elements? They always provide cool inspiration; you proved it here! 8-)

  5. I like this! :-)

  6. Such a fun story! I like the bear too! Very Creative Work!
    Michelle *Ü*