Friday, October 5, 2012

October Collage Challenge

It's time for the October Collage Challenge from Mary Green at Greenpaper. If you've never participated, Mary provides three images and the challenge is to use at least a part of each of the images in something you create. I'm a cut and paste kind of girl so that is what I usually do.

I usually just start by cutting out the pieces. I knew I was not going to keep the background that she was on so started cutting her out and that is when I decided to find something else for her to sit on. The flowers were right on the top of my scrap box. I thought she would look cute resting on a flower so I decided to make her a fairy.  I used the script piece to make her wings and her friend, the bird, came from the third piece.
The other pretty background papers are from the collage classes I have taken from Mary.

Check here to see what everyone else made. It's always fun to see the different ways they use the same images.

Thanks for having these challenges, Mary! I always enjoy them!


  1. she makes the perfect little fairy, perched on the roses! Sweet!

  2. So charming - what creativity!

  3. Oh Susan
    each month I see your MG collage I think I'll try and enter next month... sadly I missed out again as I'm up to my ears with other things!
    It's lovely to see your gluebook collage - I just love playing with paper, scissors and glue too!
    You've come up with another beautiful collage.

    Shane ♥

  4. Very clever, Susan.

  5. This turned out beautifully.

  6. Hi Susan,
    your collage is so beautiful, I love you cut the "fairy" out from her background, and placed her here on the beautiful roses- so perfect,dear.

  7. So sweet and beautifully made dear Susan, very long time since I have participated in one of Mary's challenges.
    Hugs Anni