Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Haunted House

There is a large haunted house up on Spooky Hollow Road. Children never go there on Halloween night or any night for that matter.
But this year there were new children living down the road and they weren't afraid of anything. Sam and his sister Eva walked up the hill and toward the house. They only hesitated because they didn't see any lights on.

They crept up the porch steps to look inside the window. Sam almost fell through the rotten floor boards.

Eva wanted to leave but Sam felt drawn to the house and he wasn't ready to give up.

Just then a little girl named Susie peeked out from behind the tall tree in front of the house. She was trick-or-treating by herself and she was a little afraid to knock on the door at this house. She told them she was waiting until someone else came and she was happy to see them. Eva was still unsure so she stayed with Susie and sent Sam to knock on the door by himself.  He actually was a little frightened at this point but he wasn't about to let his fear show. 

The children had been so busy chatting about things that they never saw the ghostly figure watching them from the upstairs window. They would have run for sure!

Sam knocked on the door and waited a moment. Slowly the door opened and a woman emerged. She was oddly dressed but otherwise she didn't look too frightening so the girls ran to join Sam and they all yelled, "Trick or Treat!"

The woman spoke slowly to the children and said, "We have no treats for you but come into the parlor. We have a very good trick for you!"
Sam and Eva followed the woman into the house but Susie had other plans.

"I'm only in this for the treats," said Susi. "You can have your dumb tricks!"

Susie left them at the haunted house and continued collecting candy till she couldn't carry any more.

Sam and Eva entered the house and were startled by the ghostly figure at the top of the stairs.
 She came down the stairs so fast it appeared that she was flying. She nearly knocked the children over as she joined her friend at the front door. 
"Ha! We have tricked you!" yelled the women. 
"Huh? What?" cried Sam and Eva.
"We are going to a party and you must stay and babysit our five babies. Good bye!"

The women left and Sam and Eva spent the rest of their evening babysitting instead of being out trick-or-treating.


Susie went home and went to bed with her bucket full of candy at her feet. She had wonderful dreams of peanut butter cups all night long.

The End

The children, trees and banner are all from a darling printable PDF by Claudine Hellmuth that you can buy at her Etsy shop. The spooky house is a great antique doll house sitting in my garage that desperately needs renovated but I never get to it. It sure makes a good haunted house though. 

Have a fun Halloween!!!


  1. LOL how fun was that - especially like "I'm in it for the treats" Smart Girl....very creative

    1. That is great! Now you are ready to write and publish an illustrated ebook, I say.

  2. Susan, I love your post! What an incredible project. I love the children, they are amazing, and your story is so imaginative!
    Well done! Perfect Halloween post : )
    Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog, I really appreciate your kind comment too!

  3. WOW dear Susan what a fantastic story and the doll house fits so perfect as a haunted house with the wonderful figures, you have done a great job with this.
    Hugs Anni

  4. What a great Halloween story and even better trick they pulled on those kids. LOL
    love your Haunted House.
    hugs Lynn

  5. Oh, OH, OH! I am in love. Next time I see a dollhouse that is in desperate need it will be mine, what a perfect haunted house. The children are adorable..I have on occasion replaced heads with my grands...the kids treasure them when I thought they might be a bit spooked. Hugs,