Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free to Flea

I haven't fallen off the planet or anything. I just haven't completed anything to show you. I finally went to the flea market this morning after the longest, darkest winter. My flea market, which is called Trader Jack's, is open all year round but if you go in the winter you find only a couple vendors there and you freeze your buns off. It was cold this morning but the forecast said it would get sunny and warm so off I went. I was thrilled to see tons of vendors there. I could smell the beautiful old stuff in the air!

I got this old photo album for only $2.
Yep, it's a mess but what do you want for $2? Can you see the wood frame peeking out at the corners? I see a good project here. Under the velvet is a layer of batting and then straw. I'll just put new batting in and recover it. Simple, right? Ok, maybe not simple but I think it will be fun to try. 
There were several photos inside and the beautiful paper frames. Most of them are torn but there are a couple that can be salvaged.  The photos aren't the best but do I have to remind you it was only $2.00?
Then I found these pretty silk rosebuds with the black velvet ribbons. Maybe they adorned a beautiful Victorian dress once. They cried for me to take them home. Do you ever see these old rhinestone clips? It doesn't matter if they are dress clips or shoe clips, I buy them. It doesn't matter if they are tarnished and missing stones, I buy them. Why? It doesn't matter, I buy them! I love them! Nuff said!

Check out this scrap book!
Nothing special, right? I'm so glad I looked inside.
Just inside the cover were these little clipped piles of comic strips from the 1930s. 

There is also this pile of GORGEOUS illustrations. I haven't even gotten to page one yet.

Look at the amazing color!

This one reminds me of my mom. She has short curly hair and is always reading a book. She also has lots of full bookshelves.

I have to research the artists that did these. They are all stunning! I only paid $5 for that book and it was well worth it! 
This week I need to finish a quilt square, hem a shirt I made and finish a collage. I am way behind on my altered dictionary. 

Have a great week!


  1. Oh wow Susan - what GREAT purchases - I just love the illustrations in your scrapbook - lucky you!

  2. What little treasures you found at the market!

  3. Oh Susan...what fabby treasures you got your hands on :) Wonderful finds!!

  4. Dear Susan WOW I'm sure that you found the best things on the market, all your purchases are wonderful.
    Hugs Anni

  5. WOW Susan!! Amazing prices and some fabulous finds! Just look at the little birds on those mats in that old album -- if you don't decide to re-cover it, you could have years of fun collaging with those mats!! And that scrapbook! Swoon!! I always buy those little fur clips, too -- they are perfectly flat and so work great in collages! I'm very jealous. Sitting here wishing I could go out junking but it is SNOWING AGAIN. Arrgh!! I feel your pain.