Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Paper Family

Hi!!  I haven't been giving enough attention to my little blog lately.  I would like to be here more often but it is not working out that way.   This is the only collage I've made in a long time. It was a gift for my mom for Mother's Day.
First I glued an old map to a large book cover. I copied old school photos of my brother, sisters and me. Then I attached our heads to Claudine Hellmuth's paper dolls and dressed them with the cute clothes that come with the dolls.
I even included our old boxer, Gypsy.

  This is me from third grade. The color on our faces got a little strange when I added the decoupage medium on top. I knew that could happen but I thought it would be worse if water got on the collage and ruined it instead.  Is there a way to cover things you printed without the ink running?? 
I added some clouds and a sun made from checkered card stock. Then I made a hanger with a doubled piece of wire and colorful buttons.
It was a fun project and my mom loved it.

Claudine Hellmuth has the cutest darn things in her Etsy shop . You must check it out!


  1. This is such a cute and heartfelt gift for your mother! Well done.

  2. Susan - so glad to see you back on line and what a wonderful collage. There are two things I use to "fix" inkjet printouts that you might want to try. Krylon Workable Fixative (,default,pd.html) is one - I make sure my print out is good and dry before I apply. I have also used Matte Finish (,default,pd.html). You really have to experiment to see what works for you. Good Luck and post again soon!

  3. this is SO ADORABLE susan!! Love love love! thank you for sharing your creation with my paper dolls!! You could always use a Krylon spray sealer to seal the inkjet prints before gluing so you don't have the ink running problem :)

  4. Just fabulous. Paperdolls were one of my favorite toys growing up. My sisters and I played with them for hours, making up stories that went on and on. We had so many, we could each have a whole family. We would start in the morning, choosing our dolls and "building" our houses. At the end of the day, Mom would make us put them all away, about which we whined bitterly, but she was right because the next day we could choose whole new families and start new stories. Your collage reminded me of all that.

  5. This is a very beautiful paper doll collage dear Susan, love that you used your family faces, wonderful gift for your mother.
    Hugs Anni