Saturday, February 12, 2011

Collage Club

Today I completed two more collages for Mary Green's Collage club. This lesson was about positioning. On the boy collage I started with a background and chose elements to fit it. I struggled for a bit too long on this one. I had my idea right away about the little boy dreaming of adventure and wanting to leave school behind, but it took me all week to finally decide on where I was going to glue everything. In my second collage, I started with the little girl and had to find a background to suit her. I think I found just the right one. It's not that I had to rush to get them done but since I made that rule about not looking at the other members' work until I was done, it killed me that I had to stay away from our flickr group that long. Finally I can look!
Next week I start another class that I'm excited about. It's called Artful Pages, 4 Artists, 4 Ways.
A different artist will be teaching each week and I will be learning about vintage gluebooks, altered books and altered fabric books and also some art journaling. I can't wait!


  1. Your post today reminded me of one of my favorite authors: Audrey Niffenegger. Aside from writing fiction she is also a book designer and knowledgeable about artistic paper. The heroine of The Time Travelers Wife is also an artist using unique papers.

  2. I never read that book, Judy. I think I'll have to get it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. These are cute Sue. I especially like the one with the doll in pink with the rose. Is this part of a challenge too? I like seeing what other people did with the same materials, but I don't see them on the Green Paper site.

  4. Thanks anonymous Audrey! These are not part of the challenge but are part of my collage club. They can only be seen on our flickr page. While we do get sent the same images in the club, most do not use them. It isn't required like in the challenge.