Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Gluebook

I'm loving my Artful Pages classes! Today I finished two more gluebook lessons. I really enjoy working on it but sometimes it takes me a while to find the images I want to use. I don't know how other people do creative projects but I often think of an idea and then can't find materials to complete my idea. It would be better if I used what I already had creatively but that would be too simple. I guess that's my inner need to make things as complex as I can.  This first collage is the one I struggled with the most. I kept trying to find something for her to sit on or just be grounded on but nothing worked so I am leaving her like this. I posted her to our flickr group and I hope the other artists will give me some ideas about it.  
In this next collage I started with the background time table that I thought was cool. (since it says Pittsburgh on it)  I also wondered if I needed more elements but the words on the pages seemed to be enough.

 I loved learning from Mary Green about the gluebooks and tomorrow begins the second week with a new teacher.  The second week is called "Musings on Paper" with Hope Wallace Karney. I've only done a small amount of art journaling in the past and enjoyed it so I am excited to see what she will be teaching. I'll be sure and let you see my work. Well... maybe I won't promise that just in case I don't do as well on it. I'm not as good with a pen as I am a gluestick. :)

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