Monday, February 21, 2011

More Collage Club

This time for my Collage Club I added some family photos. This first photo is my great grandmother, Ida. She is my father's grandmother. I printed it on my computer but the ink wants to peel off so the edges are a bit messy. I added some bling to her neck. I'm not sure if that is a necklace or trim on her dress but it screamed for bling so I drove to the craft store just to get that one little stone.
The lesson this time taught us how to make an interesting background using a combination of different papers and then covering them in different ways. Both pieces are basically the same. I used long strips of different papers and glued them down. They are both covered in gesso and I used acrylic paint on the second one and different stamps on both. The second picture is my beautiful mom on the right, along with her sister and her father. 
I am really enjoying this collage club!! I said I was going to sew again, didn't I?  I will....
 but first I need to go make another collage!


  1. I guess no one will get rich inheriting great grandma's family "jewels" from the craft store. Love the bling. You gotta have bling!!

  2. I never think of using Gesso, but it sure does make for a nice look. I'll have to make myself get some out and give it a try. Those are really pretty.