Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birdsong Tag Book Swap

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to do a tag swap. Karla Nathan is hosting it. I LOVE her blog! I was a little nervous taking it on since I had never done one before but, hey, that's how you learn! Here is what I ended up with.
I knew right away I was going to embroider something but otherwise it took me this whole time to come up with the final product. I just did a step at a time and waited until I came up with an idea for the next step. First I found this free embroidery pattern for the bird on I embroidered the birds on linen and added the musical note myself.

Then I made a branch for the birds to sit with some vintage seam tape. As I sewed, I pushed the tape towards the presser foot so it would fold over on itself and look ruffled.

Next I painted the backs of the tags purple and found a cute bird stamp at Michaels. Oh no, I didn't save the package so I don't know which company made them.

Then I stitched the linen to the tag and added a yellow bow.

Now I just need to add my name to them and send them off.  I can't wait to see the tag book I get back. It will be a while as the deadline is still a month away but when I get them I will show you. This was lots of fun to make and I'm glad I didn't chicken out and not try it.
  Are you doing something creative this weekend?? I hope so! Have fun!


  1. Susan your tags are so lovely, love that you've made embroidered birds, they are so sweet.