Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Collage Challenge

Time for another collage challenge hosted by Mary Green at Green Paper. Here is how it works. You create any piece of art using at least part of each of the 3 images provided. She always gives really great images to work with. I got a little crazy last time with the bird hats but this time I went with trying to make it pretty.
I made a background with strips of paper like I had learned from Mary in the Green Paper Collage Club. I added the Colgate ad on top and then put gesso over all of it. Then I water colored the background leaving the ad with just gesso. Then I added the other images. I cut the flowers into three pieces to spread the color around.
Check out what everyone else did with the same images by clicking here. Since I was working in my glue book, (oops, I water colored in my glue book) I put some pretties on the opposite page too.
         Thanks again, Mary, for having these challenges! I love doing them!


  1. Wow! Beautiful! (and I won't tell anyone about the watercolor!)

  2. This is so sweet, just beautiful.

  3. Oh Susan your pages are so beautifully made I love what you have done with the challenge images.

  4. Beautiful! I especially love how you put ringlets of flowers in the baby and little girl's hair and I love the background too! It is interesting to see what subject was the main focus in each person's creation with these images. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Hope to bump into you during another fun challenge :-)

  5. This looks great, Susan! I love the spray of flowers in the corner.

  6. Susan, I don't have you email, so I am answering your question about splattering with a mettalic marker here!
    You asked, how does a marker make splatter? Is it paint??
    The marvy pen I used for this is water based pigment ink. I also use krylon leafing pens but they are not water based. You can splatter with both of them if you want. They have a nib-type point. You can shake the pen, then press down on scrap paper a few times to get the ink flowing. With extra ink on the nib I gently tap the pen (they call it a marker) across my fingers like you would a paint brush when splattering. I just love it! make sure to mask off any areas you don't want splattered because it is not very controlled. Have fun! lenna

  7. How lovely, I love the soft painted background in contrast to the mother/children image.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :-) This is my first challenge. Nice to "meet" you and hope to see you again some time when I can participate in the challenges.

    DeeJae (Deb)
    altered heART works