Sunday, June 19, 2011

Starting Over

   I'm going to be starting over in several parts of my life soon. Since I am 49 and going to be an adult soon, I need to make some changes.  More on that later this summer. This week, however, I had to start over on learning how to use a computer. After empathizing with other bloggers about being without their internet for a couple days, my computer stopped working. Actually it was my monitor that went to sleep, never to wake up again. I had a feeling lately that I needed to save pictures and other important things. I even got some new CDs to put it on but then ignored my gut and now it's too late.  Now my big lump of a desktop is sitting there with all that information in it. Big arghhhhh!!!!!!!  The good news is I didn't sit and mourn too long but went straight to Best Buy and bought a laptop. It was the cheapest thing I could find, only $349.00.  It is way cooler than my desk top but I still miss that big lug. This mouse pad is difficult to get used to and I've had some hate moments but it is getting easier.  The picture software I am used to is gone. Hopefully I'll find a way to get my pictures off my desktop that doesn't involve buying a new monitor. For now though, I need to learn about this new computer. I guess it's good for aging dogs to learn new tricks!
  Since my create time was taken up with computer issues this week, I don't have much to share with you. I did make a pillow though along with my sewing students.
This cute watermelon pattern came from the DIY Dish.  After looking at their pillow again, I see I should have made the white background smaller but it was fun to make and my sewing girls really enjoyed making it. The pattern is for the watermelon applique and I cut three inch strips of fabric to border the white background and added the red trim like the DIY girls. I also used some black beads to make watermelon seeds. It's an easy summer sewing project you might like to try.

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  1. I hate computer troubles. It is worse than your car breaking down. And the learning curve? OOF. Glad that you recovered. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming changes.