Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Collage Challenge

It's September and it's time for a Green Paper Collage Challenge! Yay!

Mary Green supplies three beautiful images and you have to make a collage using at least a part of each of the three images. I decided to shrink the letter and the advertisement so they could be small enough to be the lady's mail. I used chalk to color in Fanny's dress. I found the awesome frame on The Graphics Fairy website.  The writing in the background is from one of Mary's classes.
Look here for the images and to see what everyone else created.
Thanks, Mary, for another fun challenge!


  1. This is wonderful; the little teensy pieces are genius!

  2. I love the small pieces! What a good idea!!

  3. Your're so good that you jumped right on this month's challenge!!! This turned out great. I love the way you framed her.

  4. You are so talented! What a great idea to have the little ad and the letter in her hands, and I love the pieces you added for the background and frame! Is this digital?

  5. So clever Susan - love what you did with the letter and the advert! Thanks for your comment on mine - its the first time I've played along but I really enjoyed it!

  6. What a great collage! :) Thanks also for visiting my blog -- it has been nice to welcome you there.

    Happy creating,

  7. Love the collage. Very original details

  8. Like your interpretation and the background is great.

  9. Great way of using the envelope in your collage. Lovely subtle colouring of her dress too.

  10. Hi Susan
    you page is beautiful.
    I wanted to take part in Marys GB swap too but unfortunately ive broken my R hand so cant do anything!
    Ive become a follower and will keep in touch.
    Do come and visit me.