Monday, November 21, 2011

Got Lace?

I went out picking on Saturday morning. It’s my new favorite thing to do. I went to an estate sale where a sewing and crafting hoarder lived. Fabric boxes to the ceiling, multiple sewing machines and tons of craft supplies. It was overwhelming because you couldn’t possibly look through all of it since there was so much. I managed to leave with only a couple things. I got a great old cutter quilt for only $2 and also this beautiful embroidered piece.
Then I went to a church flea market and was thrilled to find a huge box of vintage lace and linens. I only wanted the lace and they were kind enough to sell me just what I wanted so I didn’t have to buy a pile of tablecloths and napkins. I would have bought it all just to get this lace though. There are many pieces of handmade lace and one plastic bag in the box was filled with old cuffs and collars.  Two of the collars are the high neck kind they wore a hundred years ago. I’m selling those to pay for my Saturday habit. The rest are just waiting for me to create with them.

Last night right before I fell asleep I had an idea that I thought was brilliant. I was going to cover my mannequin with pieces of lace, like a collage.  I dreamt about it all night.  This morning I thought I was crazy for coming up with such a silly idea.  I told my mother about it and a little later she asked me if I had read my horoscope. “No, I don’t believe in that,” I said. She then insisted on reading it to me.

“Talk is cheap, but your ideas might be priceless. Your creative ideas can bring you recognition and monetary rewards. New ideas or information may revolutionize your prospects.”

This is different than the one I imagined.  It was more of a patchwork piece because the pieces were smaller. Since I’m not chopping up this gorgeousness I had to work with whole pieces. It's just pinned on.

Now, I’m not expecting I’ll win the lottery today (I didn’t buy a ticket) or be the next winner on Project Runway but this was still a great creative exercise.  Don’t throw out your ideas and call them silly.  Encourage them like my sweet mom did and just create!


  1. Just BRILLIANT! Love it.............

  2. Oh dear Susan you have done some fantastic purchase, all these wonderful lace, which we can not get enough of, and the lovely old quilt, love the collars they are all so beautiful.
    Hugs Anni

  3. Oh my gosh - that lace find is fabulous! Lucky you! And I totally love what you did with your mannequin! Brilliant! Really - your creativity is showing! : ) So sweet of your mom to encourage you. (I have a naked mannequin standing in my entryway - don't have lace, but I need to cover her up somehow - maybe I'll play around with it this week.) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Wow love all that old lace - lucky you. J