Thursday, November 10, 2011


Since doing the Gluebook Page Swap, I've enjoyed getting back to doing some pages for myself.  I did these in a Moleskin though, not the gorgeous binder from the swap. Not sure why I didn't think of that.
 I love making these crazy backgrounds with my scrap pile. I could probably be happy just making a book of backgrounds, that's how much fun it is for me.

This one is similar to one I made for the swap. This is all vintage paper except for the lady. I love how bright the paper flowers are after all this time. They were very brittle though and hard to glue.                                 

Check out this 830 page pile of messy gorgeousness!
It is the Werner Universal Educator from 1895. I got it for $2 at the flea market. I was beyond excited when I saw it and when I got it for 2 bucks because it's filled with images that I've seen on The Graphics Fairy. I even used one of the downloaded images in a collage recently. But now I own them!!! Woot!!!!  Is that a kid word or do adults understand "Woot!"? I'll bet you understand! 
I'm lucky I keep finding these old books that are falling apart so I can use the paper for collages, right?

Wrong! I still can't do it and my brother-in-law made me feel like poo when I said I was going to.
 So many nice bloggers share images so that would be a good thing to do with it.
I just don't know how. Do you where I can get some instruction on that ?
This lovely photo was tucked inside.
This image is glued to the inside cover. Gosh, I love old stuff!!

I'm also working on the "My Christmas Gluebook" class that Mary Green is giving.  

This is a cover for a book I am making. It's lots of fun so if you haven't signed up, check it out!


  1. Forget the B-In-L and Use what you want for real. There are so many books out there and we can never use them all up!

  2. Wow - this is so cool! I think I understand "woot"! At least I understand the feeling. Good for you. Enjoy it!