Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quilt Top

This is my completed quilt top for the Craftsy Block of the Month Class.
I couldn't wait to show it because I am proud of it and who knows when I will get to actually quilting it. I know that is what makes it a quilt but I don't have the backing fabric yet so it will be a while.
It is a little loud because ... Ok, it is a lot loud but I loved the colors while I was making it. I used the lighter fabric for the sashing which calmed it down nicely. I will probably use something light on the back too so I don't nauseate myself looking at the bright colors. I will go with calmer colors next time.
I hear Craftsy is doing another Block of the Month class for 2013 but there is nothing posted yet.
The teacher that did 2012 Block of the Month, Amy Gibson, is doing her own thing this year called "The Sugar Block Club." Each month you receive an email with a new quilt block pattern and a recipe. It only costs $7.95 for the whole year so I couldn't pass that up. I really enjoyed this past year learning about quilting.
Well, I have a few more days to squeeze in some Christmas crafting so I better get to it!


  1. Wow Susan it looks great! The colours really pop which I like. If you don't think you will get around to quilting soon maybe someone who does longarm quilting locally could do it for you - and have it back lickety split so you can start enjoying (that's the lazy me talking LOL)...good job

  2. Just love your quilt, Susan! So happy and colorful. You've motivate me... I need to complete the foundation pieced blocks and a couple others to assemble into a top. But this is just lovely.