Monday, December 24, 2012

The Tinsels and the Trees

The Tinsel family has a tradition every year of going ice skating and then buying a Christmas tree. They always pick a beautiful tree.

They had a great time skating but the kids couldn't wait to go tree shopping.

"Mom, my feet are getting cold! Can we go get the tree now?" asked the youngest daughter, Joy.

"Dad, I'm ready too. Let's go over to the tree farm next door and pick out the family tree," said the only son, Rudy.

Noel, the oldest girl said, "Mom, I want to pick the tree this year."

"That wouldn't be fair, Noel," said Mrs. Tinsel. "We all need to pick together."

The Tinsels had some hot chocolate then went next door to the tree farm.
"Look! Here is a beautiful tree!" said Mrs. Tinsel.

"Blue is my favorite color and it matches my coat! This is the tree!!" yelled Noel.

"Blue is good but I want this blue tree. It will fit in my room!"

Ohhhhh! A pink Barbie tree!! Can I have this one? Can I,  please?

"Can't we get a good, standard tree like this one? You know, green?" asked Mr. Tinsel.

"Nooooo!" replied the rest of the family.

"Which one should we get?" asked the dad.

"This one!!" yelled everyone.

"Right... er... uh...three trees it is!"

They brought the trees home and decided to pose for the annual Christmas card photo in front of the trees.  It was a beautiful photo of everyone, well, except for Noel. She always refuses to look at the camera.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Paper dolls and trees were cut, glued and glittered by me but were created by Claudine Hellmuth and they can be purchased in her Etsy store which always has wonderful creative things for big kids like me to play with.


  1. Susan!!! I love love love this!! Such a sweet story!!

  2. This is wonderful Susan - and I love your story (don't all families have a Noel when it comes to xmas photos LOL)

  3. Love this! Defiantly put a smile on my face! Thank you for commenting on my journal page! So glad to inspire you,now get that journal out and go play!! Xx