Sunday, September 25, 2011

Collage Club

I've been playing with a Collage Club lesson from July 17. I did so well at the beginning of the year with the club lessons and trying each one but then summer happened. I had to pack and move and unpack so it became impossible to keep up. Mary was teaching how to do a romantic glazed background in an altered book. Well I didn't do this in a book but I used book pages for my background.

It was so fun to do I did two more pages in a mini Moleskin I found at Target.
                                     ( I forgot about the little one so I didn't finish it yet.)

Then I added the glaze. Or so I thought. I actually used too much paint and lost the words on the pages.

It still created a neat texture but I'll have to try again on the glaze.

The image of the girl holding the sign is from Besottment.

The top half of this girl is from The Graphics Fairy. I love these half images that allow me to create the other half however I want it. I tried out a couple different skirts for her but liked the colors in the map the best.
I messed up on several different parts of this project but that's ok. My blog is about the journey of creating and perfection is not guaranteed here. It's just so fun to sit down and make something.


  1. these are beautiful and I love love her map skirt!!

  2. I love that map skirt too! I haven't stopped by in a while. It is just a complete visual treat to look at all your pictures.

  3. Oh dear these pages are wonderful, love how you made the map skirt, great idea.
    Hugs Anni